VIDEO: Selo Buf, Lerinsko, Egejska Makedonija (Bufsko Oro)


This is where my father’s side of the family is from, the village Bouf, Lerinsko, Egejska Makedonija. After the Treaty of Bucharest in 1913, it was renamed “Akritas” by Greek authorities, which I understand means “border”. At one time, Bouf was rather large by village standards, with a population of some 4,000 people. Like other villages and towns in Aegean Macedonia, the local population in Bouf has suffered greatly under the forced Hellenization policies of Greece, which were accelerated in WWII and the Greek Civil War, and which continue to this day. The current population is a few hundred, mostly old people and few children, and the rest of the Boufchani live all over the world. The village is known for its picturesque backdrop of high mountains, its cold and clean water, and the unique historical schoolhouse in the center of town. The Macedonian communities of Toronto, Windsor/Detroit and parts of Australia seem to have lots of Boufchani. The linked video includes a variety of photos from the old days, and the folk song playing in the background is called Boufskoto, a cultural testament to the historical Macedonian character of the village.


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